Lios Soft Balm

Nourishing detergent
This is a detergent used for the normal cleaning of oiled wooden floorings. Apart from cleaning, it also nourishes the wooden flooring thanks to its particular formula containing one part treatment oil. With constant use, the uniform aspect is maintained while enhancing the natural beauty of the parquet.

Application temperature:
 +10°C ÷ +25°C


Possible dilution with:


Warehouse stability period:
1 year (if kept in closed original containers and at a temperature ranging between +10°C and +25°C)

1 L

Cleaning of equipment used:

Method of use
Shake well before use. Pour 3 measures of the product into each litre of water and wash the flooring with a well-wrung cloth. Wait until it has completely dried. It can be polished with a dry, soft cloth or by using appropriate equipment. Recommended frequency of use: 15/30 days. In case of floorings that are particularly dirty, first use the Intensive Cleaner (see relative technical data sheet).
Contains less than 5% surfactants. 90% biodegradable.

Hazardous characteristics

Nourishing detergent