Company profile

Wood and life are two words that have always been closely associated with each other, they have always been together.
Wood is associated with Man’s first real home, it is constantly present within the home environment and it is a source of heat for both the eyes and body.
Living in the motherland of wood, Canada, wood has been my life and passion since I was a child, through the words and gestures of my father who was absolutely enchanted by this material and he also worked as a dealer in this sector.
I have been along the thousands of paths following the wood grain, toying with their colours and allowing myself to be carried, just like lifeblood, throughout their fibres.
I have filled my lungs with the essence of wood represents life that continues incessantly.
Today, I am re-living this experience.
I manufacture wood floorings after having designed and conceived them as I would like them to be so they will be appreciated by you.
Each wood flooring is the result of meticulous craftsmanship and it is created in order to warm the heart of the family that will use it.
I do not propose standard, rigid and pre-packaged product lines, but combinations of treatments, finishes and colours.
Each item is conceived and produced by skilful craftsmen who have a real feel for the wood that they work with passion every day.
I look for my wood where nature allows me to cut it while, at the same time, preserving the environment.
Then, the wood is worked without distorting its essence with aggressive chemical treatments in order to maintain its natural colours and scents so that, by walking on it barefoot, you can feel the life that continues to flow through it.